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IPP Academy is sponsored by the New Jersey Pickleball Association (NJPA) and a staff certified pickleball teaching professional of IPTPA (International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association) and PPR (Professional Pickleball Registry) Certified Coach
Certified Instructor: PB Uber / Star Power

Journey to Pickleball Mastery

IP Pickleball Academy (IPPA) will assist you in developing a sound foundation with a building block approach leading to a methodical pathway to the “Inner Game of Pickleball”

Baseline discovery is your first step to begin your playing level development. Every player have a different initial level  when they first engage in the sport. Some will attempt to learn by playing and others prefer to establish a correct foundation to launch their journey to Pickleball Mastery.

"I love those who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection."


 Academy Player Development Programs
"Don't strive to win, strive to succeed" - John Wooden

Academy Intro-Clinic
  are offered on an arrangement basis for those new to the sport of Pickleball.  This clinic introduces the player to the basic shots, rules of the game, and scoring.  To schedule an Intro Clinic contact George:

Academy DLP - Drill - Lesson - Play
  - special events by group levels  on the calendar.
These are listed on the event calendar and are held in small groups during scheduled event times.
Academy Novice Clinic are for the newer player and teach the different strokes used in the game and court positions. Novice players may sign up for Novice  LDPs multiple times so they get practice in all aspects of the game. The instructor will tailor the lesson based on what the group needs.
Academy Serious Drill For intermediate and advanced players focused on developing new muscle memory to improve their shot making skills and strategy development.

Academy Mini Camps A series of DLPs offered at different times of the year for members who want a more intensive program offered over a few weeks, usually with the same group of players.  Great for all skill levels.  Watch for announcements of the next camp offered.

Skill Shots/ Rating & Development   Players working towards pickleball mastery at their rated level can make a request for base testing of skill shots with game and point management evaluation. All players get written feedback on the strengths and weaknesses in their game with suggestions for improvement and a path to mastery. Check the calendar each month for scheduled PRLs for 2.5 /2.75 & 3.0 players.

Don't see a LDP that you can attend because of scheduling difficulties?  Contact George and we will try to accommodate you by scheduling another DLP during the week in the evening, on the weekend, or sign up for private instruction.

Practice Court Arrangements

Private Courts - Our site manager will assist you to reach our to groups willing to do drill programs and assigning a private court for your group of 4 or 8

Private Practice/ Play on a Private Court

A good way to prepare for a tournament is to play with your partner on a regular basis.  You can set up a private court with a group of 4 players at any of our scheduled event times, or just set up a private court with 4 people who would like to play together for the entire 90 minutes.  Just contact George to set up a court.  

Private Instruction

NJPA offers private, individual or small group instruction.  We would be happy to set up a time to work with individuals, couples, or small groups.  

Private Lesson Fees:
1 person- $65. - 60 minutes
2 persons- $40 per  person- 60 minutes
3 persons- $35. per person-  75 minutes
4 persons- $30 per person- 75 minutes

Contact George Cheah at  to schedule a lesson.
IPTPA Level II Professional Certification & PPR Certified Coach


Below are some instructional videos that you can watch to help you visualize the different shots and see how to perform them correctly.  However, videos are no substitute for on the court instruction where you learn and practice the shots and strategies. 

WHAT'S A LEGAL SERVE?   Pickleballs are served underhand.  Watch this video to find out what makes a serve legal or illegal.

GET TO THE NET/ RECEIVING TEAM   Watch the receiving team keep the service team back and win the point almost every time.  Return the serve and move forward to the line.

Dinking with Sarah Ansboury  Basic Dinking video with PB Pro and Gold Medal Winner, Sarah Ansboury.

Third Shot Drops 
Third shot drops with Mark Renneson
Serving  3 types of serves.  How to do them and when to use them.

BLOCKING A SMASH  Picklepong Deb shows you how to handle the hard smash at the net.

RETURN of SERVE See what Mark Renneson shows you about how to return your serve and move like the pros to the Novo Zone.

SERVICE TEAM GETTING TO THE NET   Picklepong Deb explains how the service team EARNS the net and gets to the line after the second bounce.

KEEP IT LOW  Picklepong Deb shows you the importance of keeping the ball low.

GROUNDSTROKES with Sarah Ansboury.  Watch the proper way to hit your forehand and backhand.