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New Jersey Pickleball Association

  Highly Suggested Reading for all NJPA members 




  • Website FAQ's. All new members should read our FAQ page to help them get started on our website.  Find out how to cancel an event and manage your account in your Profile.  Save a cancellation by knowing how to do it yourself.
  • NJPA Paddle construction description. Recommendation : Need to purchase a paddle? See PB Uber for recommendations.
  • Pickleball Basics for keeping score
  • Hydration  Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate!  Read this!
  • Pickleball Terms  Dink, Volley, No Volley Zone!  Read all about them and more.
  • Pickleball Warm Up  The MOST important part of your game starts before you set foot on the court.  Avoid injury by incorporating a proper warm up into your pregame routine.  Watch this video for some simple warm up exercises you should be doing.
  • Novice Rating Sheet  Intermediate Rating Sheet  What's my skill level?  Click on these links to find out what skills are necessary to be rated a Novice or Intermediate Player.  Keep in mind that you need to be able to do these things consistently in a game, not just a few times in practice or drills.
  • What is my rating - NJPA's guide to defining a player's performance rating level (PRL).