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By George J Cheah
Posted: 2021-04-20T13:05:00Z

A story goes that in 1904, there was a waffle vendor at the Fair in St Louis, USA.  It was a scorching summer. With the extreme heat, the waffles were not selling very well, but the vendor beside the waffle vendor's booth was doing brisk business. The vendor was selling ice cream. The vendor was selling so much ice cream that he began to run out of paper cups one day and was scrambling to get more in stock. Since the waffle vendor was not selling many waffles, he thought about an idea. That night he took some leftover waffle batter home to experiment. As fresh waffle came out of the griddle, he used his wife's clothing iron to flatten the cake, then spiralled it into a conical shape to create an "edible" cup.  Thus "the waffle cone" was born. He began selling them to the ice cream vendor the next day and closed his waffle stand. The rest is history.

We each have our own assets, our unique personal qualities and skills.  Sometimes the activities, the actions we are taking, won't deliver the outcomes we desire.  In other words, sometimes we have to "turn our waffles into ice cream cones;'   Albert Einstein said, "Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world". When you have a fertile imagination, you have the whole world in your hand. Whatever we are capable of imagining is capable of becoming a reality one day. As they say, dreamers are those blessed souls who experience the dawn even before the whole world shares the same.

Let your imagination fly high in the sky while you remain its shadow in the earth.  It’s a part of “Living from the Inside Out.”

By Wilson Cheah

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