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2020 Spring Pickleball

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2020 Memorial Day
By George J Cheah
Posted: 2020-05-25T01:14:00Z

Memorial Day for me is a reminder that Freedom has a cost. I'm fortunate to appreciate the value of freedom coming from Asia some 60 yrs ago. I learn of my father's tragedy in a Japenese prison camp and my mother's struggle to emigrate to America to be free growing up in America. I only became aware of how fortunate my brothers and I were, when I became a citizen at 21. There are millions of immigrant stories like mine and most of us understood why America remains the beacon of freedom.

It is American blood that paved the way and paid for our freedom. I hope my children and grandchildren can understand the value of freedom as I have and share my love for this country. We may have our tribal political stripes and colors and acrimonious protest but at the end of the day we have an America willing to protect our freedom and our way of life through our Constitution. Today, I'm reminded that I owe a deep gratitude to all the fallen soldiers and to their parents pain and suffering for our freedom.

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